It’s about DOLLS. It’s about IMAGINATION. It’s ABOUT TIME.

Our Story

Hi, I’m Sandra. I am the “founder” of The Doll Nook. Though founder is really too strong of a word. In essence, I’m a teacher by trade, an entrepreneur by accident.
The Doll Nook is in many ways an accident.
Many young girls are enamored with their dolls. Their world, their feelings, their thoughts- it all seems so magical. There is nothing that their dolls can’t do. The sky is the limit, it seems.
But I discovered dolls at a different point in life. I was already a mother of 2 and a high school English teacher. Life was busy, and sometimes even stressful.
Only when my daughter received her first doll, did I discover the true joys of this miniature world. My daughters and I enjoyed dressing them; setting up scenes that we later photographed. I quickly started collecting dolls for my own personal collection. Each object and accessory just added more magic to my perfect doll world. That became my calm place, my hideaway. Playing with dolls didn’t feel like I was merely playing, I was living in an alternate universe where nothing could go wrong, and only happy endings existed.

Italian Trulli
Italian Trulli

I started scouring the internet for the perfect doll accessories; whether it was a rare piece or just some extras to fill the gap. I came up short again and again. Everything was either too rare or too expensive. So I set out to make my own.
The doll food and accessories we make are of superb quality, but will also keep you within your budget. There are lots of categories to choose from, so no matter what scene you wish to set up, we’ve got you covered.
We also buy big lots off of doll collectors to provide you with those rare American Girl items at great prices. Of course, they are then thoroughly disinfected, before being delivered to you.
With The Doll Nook, I hope to pass that dream- like and delightful world to you. Because I feel that every doll owner deserves to know that anything is possible. There’s nothing like immersing yourself in a magical and imaginary world, and I hope to bring that same feeling of contentment that I experience, to you.
Because dolls dream too!

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